Re-build feelings of self-worth and get back your confidence.

This course is designed to fill the gap between agency provision and social care.

While external agencies support men and women to build external aspects of recovery, 'Mind the Gap' will work with the internal aspects of recovery supporting participants to not only come to terms with their experience but live a fulfilled life past the experience too.

We are working with a diverse range of men and women coming from all ethnicities and backgrounds. There will be no restriction to participating in the program for beneficiaries.

The courses are FREE to users as we have obtained funding for this project.

We will be using a range of training materials that complement each participant's learning style.

The sessions will also be interactive and engaging to allow the participants to learn through practice and experience vs theory.

Our 'Mind the Gap' course is over ten modules, each for 2 hours' duration.

The syllabus covers, but is not limited to,
the basic points below and more.

Like all our courses they are readily adaptable for specific circumstances or sets of participants.


  • Understanding the leap you have made

  • How you reached safety

  • Who you really are

  • Understanding habitual thinking

  • Affirmation writing

  • Staying safe in your new environment

  • Changing your thoughts

  • Assertiveness

  • Planning your time

  • Replacing negative thoughts with new core values and beliefs

  • Writing personal affirmations

  • Setting personal boundaries

  • Stepping out of your comfort zone

  • Creating your vision of your future

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Mind The Gap