Our Purpose

Break the Cycle created and delivers the ten modules ‘Mind the Gap’ course free of charge to the participants.  The participants have suffered, or are suffering, domestic abuse of various types, including violence, sexual, psychological, financial, emotional, controlling, gaslighting. This course, ‘Mind the Gap’, focuses on the individual to re-build their feelings of self-worth, re-build their confidence in themselves and give them the tools to move forward in their lives in a positive way as the valuable member of society they are. It empowers them to make their own decisions, something they have been unable, or not allowed to do for many years. The course has been piloted and improved and has had phenomenal results for the graduates.


The objects of the course are to change the way people think about what they are thinking about themselves and to re-build confidence that has been diminished over the years. 

We have achieved this change in the way they are thinking about what they are thinking to such an extent that:


One person has changed her thoughts from wanting to commit suicide to enjoying life.  They have retired from a job after 30 years and are now volunteering and working with people with dementia, presenting radio shows and teaching young people how to present radio shows.

One person has changed the way she thinks and has found the courage to eject the perpetrator of domestic abuse from her house, having been too scared to take any action for the past 15 years. And she is not allowing the perpetrator to return to her house.


One person has changed the way they think about themselves, having thought they were useless and incapable of doing anything.  They have now set up and run their own business, gained contracts and is able to support themselves for the first time in many years.


One person has changed their thinking about themselves from being stupid and unable to learn and has gone back to college to re-train and has successfully passed their level 1 NVQ.


One person has changed the way they thought about themselves as they had been told for 30 years they were inadequate, stupid, unlovable and unworthy.  They have now left that relationship, bought out the perpetrator’s share of the house, sold the house, bought a cottage and is now living a happy life without the fear of being beaten or raped ever again. 


Others have realised just how valuable they are as people and are rebuilding their confidence in themselves.

Weeks, months and years afterwards, abuse survivors, although away from the abusive situation, can still live a life mentally imprisoned by the trauma they have experienced. Many reporting a deep sense of self doubt and feelings of uselessness and insecurity about the future.


When talking to men and women who have taken part in our program, many spoke of a need for support to forgive themselves for being victims of abuse and overcome a lack of self-worth so they were able to have a better outcome in life for not only themselves but their families.


This course is designed to fill the gap between agency provision and social care. While external agencies support these men and women to build external aspects of recovery, 'Mind the Gap' will work with the internal aspects of recovery supporting participants to not only come to terms with their experience but live a fulfilled life past the experience too.  


We are working with a diverse range of men and women coming from all ethnicities and backgrounds. There is no restriction to participating in the program for beneficiaries. We are using a range of training material that complements each participant's learning style. The sessions will also be interactive and engaging to allow the participants to learn through practice and experience vs theory. 

It is our desire to impact one million lives so they can not only improve their circumstances but also become the authentic people they are meant to be. We want them to be able to stand on their own two feet and not be ruled by political oppression, physical violence or any other form of abuse.


By offering ongoing one to one coaching support, and/or group coaching sessions, individuals will be able to maintain their levels of independence and confidence.

By monitoring the feedback and results from the courses we will continue to improve upon the courses we offer to provide the maximum help for the individuals.
We will develop new courses to meet the changing demands of those individuals who have become more independent and now require a different level of support.  



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