Domestic Abuse - Physical, Psychological, Financial, Emotional, Verbal etc.

The objectives of the Mind the Gap course are to change the way people think about themselves so they no longer think about committing suicide, or think they are not worthy of living the life they deserve having been told for many years repeatedly how useless they are, how worthless they are, how they will never be able to survive on their own, how nobody else will ever love them. 


Narcissistic behaviour by partners makes people vulnerable and terrified of the consequences of doing something they have been told is ‘not allowed’.  Gas lighting will confuse to such an extent that people will think they have gone mad, and undermines their sense of self.


The free course, by changing the way people think about what they are thinking, which has been their thought process for many years, will re-build self-esteem and thus confidence and will remind them they are valuable members of society and are capable of much more than they have been led to believe.


Another course objective is to encourage people not to go back to the abusive relationship, or find someone who has similar traits thus reducing the likelihood of people repeating their experiences.

The course provides vital training and information for people who have suffered, or are suffering, domestic abuse.  The 10 module course is interactive and designed to change the way the participants think about what they are thinking about themselves.  Many have not been allowed to think for themselves for many years whether by a controlling partner, by a coercive relative or being too scared to think for themselves for fear of violence to themselves and/or their children.


Courses are run separately for men and for women.  1 in 4 women suffer domestic abuse and 1 in 6 men suffer domestic abuse. 


We are working with the YOU Trust to encourage men to come forward as they will benefit from this course as much as women. Sadly men are reluctant to admit they are suffering.


We have the ongoing support of the Hampshire Constabulary and of the YOU Trust who are responsible for Refuge and much more on the Isle of Wight. 


The course covers, but is not limited to:

  • Staying safe

  • Who you really are

  • Bringing out your positive abilities

  • Your strengths and weaknesses

  • How your sub-conscious creates habits

  • Rebuilding your self-esteem

  • Thoughts create worry

  • Becoming more confident

  • Affirmation writing

  • Replacing negative thoughts with new core values and beliefs

  • Setting personal boundaries

  • How to be heard

  • Stepping out of your comfort zone

  • Trust your own abilities

  • Creating your vision of your future

There is additional homework to help emphasise what is learned in the modules, plus suggested reading. 


Each participant has access to the tutors for help via email, phone and messenger should they need help or advice during or after the course.

If those questions resonate with you and you can answer yes to either or both, please get in touch so you can come along to our next FREE 10 week course entitled 'Mind the Gap' and rediscover your abilities, your self-worth and begin to move yourself forward in your life.

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Anxiety issues
Do you suffer from anxiety?
Do you often feel that you are not good enough?

Then the 'Mind the Gap' course is for you.

Although it was originally written for people who have escaped abusive relationships, it is ideal for those who suffer with anxiety.

Our 'Mind the Gap course is over ten modules, each for 2 hours' duration.  The syllabus is broad and far reaching.  Like all our courses they are readily adaptable for specific circumstances or sets of participants.  


​The progress of participants is monitored by use of individual exercises both within and outside of the modules, personal journal completion and feedback from individuals and groups both within the modules and via a formal end of course feedback form.

It's a really positive thing to explore leading edge psychology/understanding and do everything you can to deepen your understanding and improve your life experience. These training courses are a great way to do that. 

Our courses have produced spectacular results and 100% of those who have attended agree they increased their belief in themselves, feel more positive about the future, would recommend the course and believe there is a need for it.  

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