The Team

The Break the Cycle team are dedicated to improving the lives of people who have suffered life traumas and thus moving them forward to become confident in their abilities to be able to stand on their own two feet and thus be financially independent.


Maggie Currie, Founder & Co-Director

Maggie Currie is an internationally renowned freelance consultant, coach, speaker, and author who works with clients throughout the UK and worldwide from her base on the Isle of Wight.


Maggie has vast experience in running courses on a number of topics to do with self-improvement with great success.


Kelvin Currie,

Founder & Co-Director

Kelvin Currie is an experienced technical advisor and educator.  Although from an engineering background Kelvin has many years of experience at high level management with a number of organisations and is well practiced at delivering presentations to audiences of mixed abilities. 


Ian Mac,

Ian McLaughlin has spent many years working in local radio and is the founder of Vectis Radio.  Ian has trained hundreds of people of all abilities to become more visible through learning to present and produce their own radio shows.


Louise Hastings,


Louise has many years of experience in both educational and retail settings.  She is a great teacher and is friendly and approachable.