Some of the amazing testimonials for our Mind the Gap course

We are absolutely delighted with the response to the course and how much it has helped all the attendees to change their lives in some way.  Forward movement being one of the main factors and successes. Here are some of the comments:

'I have learned that I have a worth or value not recognised by ex friends and acquaintances, I do not need their opinions to excel at being a decent human being.'


'I now have the confidence to aim for a higher target than I have before.'


'Course really well developed and delivered by tutors that are knowledgeable and, more importantly, adaptable.'

'I loved the course, lovely people, kind and informative and professional.'

'I have learned I am normal and I am more confident, and I don't need to be scared of everyone.  Also I am capable and resilient.'

'I have learned to be more positive in life about myself and to look after myself.'

'I liked being told I am worth it and being accepted as me by the tutors.'

'I am staying strong and focused, will learn new skills from the course and adapt them in my life and future.'


'I enjoyed the course and the tutors were very good at explaining it to me.'

'I have learned to face up to and deal with what happened to me, to address negative feelings and focus on the positive. Almost retrain my brain after experiencing domestic abuse and severe controlling and jealous behaviour/abuse.'

'I'm still healing, slowly but surely. I've noticed a big change in my mindset, my emotional health and in my eating disorder (binge eating.) In May I started attending burlesque chair dancing classes! Yes, me! Actually dancing, and you know what, I CAN DO IT, I can actually dance!! There are some moves I can't do, but I'm doing everything I can and I love it. It's so much fun and the group is amazing. I've also recently been diagnosed with severe ptsd and anxiety and am on the waiting list for emdr therapy. I know I'm a long way from being fully "healed" and I don't think I ever will be (and I'm actually OK with that,) but now I see how far I have come and how different I am from the person who started your course in February. I swam in a public swimming pool with my children on holiday, I went in the sea in Cornwall. I even managed to eat out in a pub. My relationship with my children is so much better too. I still don't know what road my journey will take, or where my final destination will be but I know I'm making progress every day and I'm actually looking forward to the next part of finding myself. The work you and Kelvin do is amazing, it does work and it really really helps.'

'I liked the caring approach of the leaders. Their enthusiasm and dedication.'

'I have learned a lot about how I deal with issues. I have gained invaluable insights into how I behave and where I need to work.'

'I am going to concentrate on my core values and build my confidence in every day situations.'


'I have learned I am stronger than I believe myself to be.'

'I have made definite steps every week with the support of Maggie & Kelvin.'

'I am starting living again and enjoying my home and life.'

'Addressing issues in the home and garden that were bringing me down.  Meeting ex husband next week for benefit of daughter's welfare, never saw that coming.'

'I am going to believe in myself more, try things.'

'It was a big commitment 12 weeks in a row, but I really enjoyed it.'

'I have learned to have faith my myself. Confidence to cope and deal with insurmountable personal problems. How to deal with verbal persistent abuse.'

'Don't know what to say about fact male course leader, had I known in advance I probably wouldn't have done it.  Yes there was an option to ask him to leave, but it has been good having two facilitators.'

'I found the direct approach and challenge with personal stories as well as professional ones very uplifting'.

'I have learned I am my own person who is focused and positive and able to live my life for me.'

'I have learned that I am capable, I can overcome my weaknesses, that it is important to be true to myself.'

'I have truly seen and felt changes within myself in the 12 weeks I have been part of Mind the Gap.  I feel more hopeful and optimistic and positive.'

'I have learned I have boundaries, that I have control of my future and things can get better no matter how impossible it seems.'

'I've learned to be less afraid of life. I am in a less dark place, feel more confident in myself.  Come away feeling more uplifted.'

'I am able to think more clearly and assess the situation more calmly and effectively.'

'I am more happy and confident about life and relationships.'

'I have learned to be myself and know my self worth. What I want to achieve.'

'I have learned to recognise how much of the material I already know and practice.'

'I have learned to value myself much more.'

'I have learned the importance of boundaries and saying no.'

'I have learned self love and acceptance.'

'I am going to set boundaries, live in the present and worry less about what has or will happen.'

'I have learned to believe and have more confidence in myself. My self-esteem was very low when I started and I now feel

more resilient and able to bounce back.'

'I've learnt that you can achieve what you want in life by being positive and changing the way you think. No-one should control you or anything you want to do!'

'I am going to take a step towards achieving my goals. Change the way I think and remembering that its my life and I am responsible for me myself and my own actions and nobody else's.'

'I am stronger and more capable than I thought I was. I am also worthy of having a happy and productive life.'

'I have learned to trust myself more, be more forgiving of my mistakes, be kinder to myself, be more confident/assertive.'


'I have learned I have the ability to survive and move forward despite the odds. I also learned I deserve respect and kindness and to live my life for who I am.'

'I have learned that I am very regimental, negative and have a can't do attitude. I am going to carry on reading Maggie's book and use the exercises for my everyday life.'


'I have learned to be more confident and positive. To let go of people in my life that are negative which then would affect me.'

'Maggie and Kelvin have been brilliant and incredibly supportive. They have helped me loads.'


'I am going to step forward from now with a more positive attitude towards myself and life.'

'I have learned there is no such word as can't. I am going to start to believe in myself more.'

'I have learned I can do it. I can be strong. I can leave my husband. I can have a life. I can believe there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I will carry on being stronger, keep looking for work, keep enjoying life and staying confident and don't let others put me down.'


'From today I will stop living in the past where I can't change what happened and live more in the now. Stop being afraid and be positive.'

'I have bagged a new job, starting in a couple of weeks. I managed to get funding for my meditation group with creche.'

'I have learned that I can do anything. I don't deserve to be abused. My self belief has increased significantly. I have discovered that I am a strong person. I am enjoying making my house my own home and being able to put my own rubbish out.'

'I loved the informal setting, the wonderful presentation style and the ability to be flexible with content. It has helped me to move forward in my journey so significantly.'

'I am beginning a new chapter in my life, I embrace the changes I have already made and look forward to the future with whatever it brings. I also have a new comfort zone.'

'Maggie & Kelvin are really supportive and accommodating to everyone.'

'I am learning how to move on.'

'Maggie said think one positive thought a day. I did this and it was like a domino effect. Doesn't always work like that but it showed me the power of positive thinking.'

'The course was calm, relaxed and open.'

'I liked everything about the course, support, encouragement and learning to believe in myself more.'

'I liked the questioning times, the presentation of facts, analysis, evaluation to impose on ourselves, the homework. The fact that we are not made to feel guilty.'

'It has helped me to see the person I really am and not the person I thought I was.'

'I have learned that I am stronger than I thought and capable of being in control of my life - making the right decisions for myself.'

'I learned how much the subconscious can affect my reactions. How to recognise fear. How to believe in myself and face challenges positively.'

'I have realised that I'm stronger than I thought.'

‘I have learned that I am in control of my feelings, my boundaries and my sense of self. I have learned that my guilt isn’t my guilt to carry and that I can say no.’

‘I have learned that if you take time to look at yourself and think more positively you are more capable of changing your life and the life of others.’

‘I have learned to become a better person and achieve goals for the future.’

“I am looking to retire from my long term career of 31 years and move onto something new and exciting.”

“I am now moving on positively leaving the past behind.”

“I will carry on with positive thinking and planning it all properly and eating better and getting control of money over smoking.”


'I am going to be more positive starting from today.'

Would participants recommend this course?


100% yes

Is there a need for this course?

100% yes