Helping people thrive following domestic abuse.
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The 'Mind the Gap' course is versatile in its approach to each client, we are all different after all. With experience of working with people from all walks of life we can adapt to the needs of any client. Having written this course specifically to help people who have suffered domestic abuse, whether that is recently or historically, the results achieved by those who have attended have been truly remarkable.

The next Mind the Gap course for women will begin on Monday 10th January 2022, and the Mind the Gap course for men will begin on Wednesday 12th January 2022 Hopefully we will be able to deliver the courses in person here on the Isle of Wight rather than via Zoom. This will have to be confirmed nearer the time.


To book your place on this course please email hello@breakthecycle.org.uk.

We look forward to working with you.


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 Helping people thrive following domestic abuse.

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'I now have the confidence to aim for a higher target than I have before.'