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Here at Break the Cycle CIC we have some really positive and exciting news. We will be beginning our free 10 week confidence building Mind the Gap courses via Zoom in the first week of February 2021. On Monday 1st February for women and Wednesday 3rd for men, both at 10am. If you would like to register or indeed re-register for this phenomenally successful course, please get in touch at hello@breakthecycle.org.uk.
Mind the Gap Course for Women - 1st February 2021 10am via Zoom
Mind the Gap course for men - Wednesday 3rd February 2021 10am via Zoom

We depend solely on grant funding and donations.  If you would like to make a donation please click the link:

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Listen to Maggie's interview with 'Kitty' one of the attendees on our Mind the Gap course - click here to listen

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Our course is not part of a sales
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Our course relies on grant funding and donations so we can deliver them FREE to those attending, both men and women.

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                           100% yes

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Our purpose

Break the Cycle created and delivers the ten module ‘Mind the Gap’ course free of charge to the participants.  The participants have suffered, or are suffering, domestic abuse of various types, including violence, sexual, psychological, financial, emotional, controlling, gas lighting. This course, ‘Mind the Gap’, focuses on the individual to re-build their feelings of self-worth, re-build their confidence in themselves and give them the tools to move forward in their lives in a positive way as the valuable member of society they are. It empowers them to make their own decisions, something they have been unable, or not allowed to do for many years. The course has been piloted and improved and has had phenomenal results for the graduates.


The objects of the course are to change the way people think about what they are thinking about themselves, and to re-build confidence that has been diminished over the years. 


I'm still healing, slowly but surely. I've noticed a big change in my mindset, my emotional health and in my eating disorder (binge eating.) In May I started attending burlesque chair dancing classes! Yes, me! Actually dancing, and you know what, I CAN DO IT, I can actually dance!! There are some moves I can't do, but I'm doing everything I can and I love it. It's so much fun and the group is amazing. I've also recently been diagnosed with severe ptsd and anxiety and am on the waiting list for emdr therapy. I know I'm a long way from being fully "healed" and I don't think I ever will be (and I'm actually OK with that,) but now I see how far I have come and how different I am from the person who started your course in February. I swam in a public swimming pool with my children on holiday, I went in the sea in Cornwall. I even managed to eat out in a pub. My relationship with my children is so much better too. I still don't know what road my journey will take, or where my final destination will be but I know I'm making progress every day and I'm actually looking forward to the next part of finding myself. The work you and Kelvin do is amazing, it does work and it really really helps.

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It is our desire to impact one million lives so they can not only improve their circumstances but also become the authentic people they are meant to be. We want them to be able to stand on their own two feet and not be ruled by political oppression, physical violence or any other form of abuse.

By offering ongoing one to one coaching support, and/or group coaching sessions, individuals will be able to maintain their levels of independence and confidence.


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